How to Use the VISIO TVs


VISIO TVs are available in the following classrooms at MLML: Dry Classroom and Think Tank

To reserve a time slot in one of these classrooms, visit MLML Calendars & Reservations 


How to Use a VISIO TV:

  • Power on by pressing and holding the power button located on the back of the TV in the bottom left corner, or with a remote checked out from the IT Help Desk.
  • To change the input of the TV, press the power button repeatedly to cycle through input menu options, or using the input button on the checked out VISIO remote.
  • The TV can be used with a personal laptop via an HDMI connection. The port for the HDMI cable is located on the wall directly below the TV. (Most PC's will have direct HDMI ports, while MAC's will need an HDMI to mini DisplayPort adapter).
  • The TV is also connected to and can be used with a Mac Mini. A designated mouse and keyboard for the Mac Mini will need to be requested/checked out from the IT Help Desk.
  • The TV’s speakers will only work with a personal laptop when the computer is connected via HDMI port.
  • Volume must be adjusted on the TV or with the VISIO remote, not on the user’s computer.