Think Tank Projector Operations


Stand in the room facing the 2 Epson projectors. Projector #1 is on the left. Projector #2 is on the right. Each projector has a corresponding HDMI wall jack connector or can be operated using the wireless HDMI adapter available from the Library. Only Projector #2 can be controlled by the remote.

Projector #1

Manual operation only, does not work with remote at this time.

Projector #2
Remote control or manual operation.
There is also an HDMI floor jack connector under the brass plate in the floor.



Important - Before connecting your device to the projector minimize the volume on your device.

  1. Using the remote control, turn on the audio amp mounted above projector #2. You will see a red LED display "AUX" when the audio amp is on.
  2. Using the Epson remote control, turn on the power for projector #2.
  3. Connect your device using the wireless HDMI adapter or an HDMI cable to either the wall or floor jack.
  4. The projector will display HDMI connection.
  5. Your desktop will be displayed on the wall directly under the projector.
  6. Control the audio volume level from your device.
  7. When you have finished using the projector use the remotes to power off the projector and audio amp.