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Seminar Room Presenter's Guide

Presenter’s guide to the projector in the Seminar Room


Reserve the Seminar Room
  • NOTE: If you're a seminar speaker this has been done for you
  • Seminar Reservation Request Form
  • Fill out the required information > Click Submit
  • An email will be sent to the manager of that resource
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you when request has been processed
  • Please arrive 30 minutes (3:30 pm) prior to the start of your presentation to allow setup and configuration time
Equipment provided in the Room
  • Epson Projector
    • Connects with an HDMI cable
      • HDMI to mini DisplayPort adapter available at podium
      • Need a different adapter? Please contact IT Help Desk
  • MacBook
    • We recommend you use our Macbook provided
    • Use of personal computer allowed with the aid of IT Help Desk Staff
  • Laser Pointer
  • Audio Cable
  • Timer
  • Tables and Chairs
    • Note: arrive early to set this up ahead of time
  • Microphones
    • For seminars these microphones will be set to only record voices, not project them to the audience


Recording or Live Streaming
  • Presentations/Events are recorded or live streamed straight to the MLML Youtube account
    • This allows those not present to watch the event live, or allows for the recording to be shared at a later date
    • Live streams/Recordings can be: Private, Public, or Unlisted (can only view if have direct link)
    • NOTE: All MLML seminars are recorded for MLML internal community but the speaker has option to make the presentation stream live to public or not
  • Our microphones will record the presentation/event
  • Use of our Macbook highly recommended
    • Allows for use of our Spotlight laser pointer, which can be seen through our capture device to those viewing virtually
    • Regular laser pointers will not be seen virtually on slides


Formatting Presentation
  • For best quality we recommend a 16:9 powerpoint presentation
    • Follow link to learn how to format a 16:9 presentation
  • If presentation created in a pre-2011 version of MS Office PowerPoint, we recommend that you save your presentation as a portable PowerPoint presentation
    • Doing this will ensure any links and videos embedded in your presentation will be saved and transferred over without issue.
  • Save presentation on flash drive whether using our Macbook or your personal computer


Before Event Prep
  • Power on the projector using the Epson remote
    • Check that it is connected to computer via black HDMI cord
  • Wake up Macbook on podium
  • Transfer presentation onto desktop of Macbook
  • Open presentation and run through slides to photos, videos, and/or audio working properly
  • If recording/live streaming you will be fitted with a Lapel Microphone


After Event Cleanup
  • Remove presentation and flash drive from desktop of Macbook
  • Leave Macbook powered on but close the computer to allow it to sleep
  • Turn off projector using Epson remote
  • Return equipment to HelpDesk Tech, adapters, Lapel Mic, laser pointer
  • Turn off lights